Behlert Family // Cincinnati Family Photographer


I met Katie and Brent in college and because of the internet, have been able to keep in touch after all of these years. Back in 2012 I visited them in Grand Cayman and took some photos of them there. Even after all these years, I am still super proud of that session. You can see it HERE.

Then they had a baby and Ryan and I went down to Cincinnati to do newborn photos of Gio and again, even though they are on our old blog, I still really love the photos.

This time we came down to photograph Katie’s whole extended family and it was so much fun. There’s lots of kids and chaos which is just how we like it! There are 4 girls in her family which is fun to see especially since we are expected a sister for Grace! They are so lucky to all live in the same city and be so close with one another! We loved capturing the amazing love they family share!

Aynna + Craig // Chicago Wedding Photographer


YOU GUYS this was the hottest wedding of our career. It was 109 in Chicago that day and I’m pretty sure we were all pretty close to walking towards the light. 😂

When we got to the country club, a big storm rolled through and in less than 10 minutes it cooled down like 20 degrees. It was so nice out then! We also got this incredible sky and beautiful sunshine coming through the clouds. Then sunset happened and its as the best ever. Craig and Aynna are just such kind people and such a good team together. Basically this was all really amazing :) So glad we could be a part of it!

To kick off this giant blog post, I think this gif sums up their relationship pretty well 😂

Ally + Jeremy // Muskegon Beach Engagement Photos


Oh my goodness Ryan is just killing it lately! He’s been our lead shooter for years but we’ve been booking him solo for certain things since I’ve been growing this little baby girl who has declared war on my body. 😂 It’s kinda cool to see things from an outside perspective when editing a session I didn’t shoot.

I think of all the years I pushed him so hard. I was probably too harsh, too critical…but maybe not. It’s not just beautiful work but I know he gives people a great experience because he’s so kind and laid back. I know I’m biased because I love him so much but I think seeing him carry the load with such grace so I can take care of my body and our growing monster baby is really something special.

I gasped a couple times while editing this session hahah.

Lydia & Michael // Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer

There’s lots of cool things about this day so let’s make a list! You know how I LOVE lists! Here are my top 4 favorite things 😊

  1. Lydia may be one of the worlds most laid back brides. While having the whole wedding party run at us, her brother stepped on the back of her dress and brought her DOWN and nearly got trampled by all her best friends haha she took that with grace and laughed through it all! Bonus, there’s a gif of the whole thing in this post. 😂😂😂

  2. I had posted a preview on facebook and Ryan says to me “I think there’s too much softening on her skin” to which I replied, there isn’t any at all. haha She is basically a perfect human and that seems insane. She’s either secretly some kind of Disney princess or an alien.

  3. It was stormy and started raining right before the ceremony. Instead of moving all the guests to another location and the mess that would be, she just went with it and I think it was the best choice! It was beautiful, interesting, a great story and such a great example of going with the flow!

  4. It’s also worth nothing how well the two mothers got along. They were so much fun to just watch and see how happy they were for their kids and to all be family now. I think they are the happiest two mothers on earth haha