northern Michigan wedding photography

Lydia & Michael // Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer

There’s lots of cool things about this day so let’s make a list! You know how I LOVE lists! Here are my top 4 favorite things 😊

  1. Lydia may be one of the worlds most laid back brides. While having the whole wedding party run at us, her brother stepped on the back of her dress and brought her DOWN and nearly got trampled by all her best friends haha she took that with grace and laughed through it all! Bonus, there’s a gif of the whole thing in this post. 😂😂😂

  2. I had posted a preview on facebook and Ryan says to me “I think there’s too much softening on her skin” to which I replied, there isn’t any at all. haha She is basically a perfect human and that seems insane. She’s either secretly some kind of Disney princess or an alien.

  3. It was stormy and started raining right before the ceremony. Instead of moving all the guests to another location and the mess that would be, she just went with it and I think it was the best choice! It was beautiful, interesting, a great story and such a great example of going with the flow!

  4. It’s also worth nothing how well the two mothers got along. They were so much fun to just watch and see how happy they were for their kids and to all be family now. I think they are the happiest two mothers on earth haha