Reese // Kalamazoo Family Newborn Photographer

We have shot Kim and Gary many times starting with their engagement and wedding in our first year shooting. 10 years later, they have their third baby, Reese.

She is SO tiny! Grace was a giant monster baby so whenever I see normal or little babies I’m just so confused how it could be a real human and not a doll hah

There’s a shot in here where the boys were jumping on the bed while Gary was swaddling Reese on the floor and from where I was sitting I was like oh man, this would be so great. She’s just chilling down there all burrito’d up while the boys are going bonkers. I love all the beautiful peaceful shots but the little glimpses into reality are nice to have in the mix :)

The Kwong Family // Grand Rapids Family Photographer

I love when kids get just old enough to take direction really well but still be full of energy and generally bonkers. It’s the most incredible balance haha

We arrived a little early for their session so we were just driving around and saw all these low hanging leavings exploding with orange and we both audibly gasped. It was so funny! We frantically sent them a message and told them to meet us here instead. This was just the perfect magic of fall all in one little park downtown of all places!

Austin Family // Muskegon Family Photographer

Austin-57 copy.jpg

The Austin’s are some of our favorite people and it’s an absolute joy to give them beautiful photos of their incredible family. It’s hard to meet such kind, easy going, real people so we feel incredibly lucky to have them in our lives. When they watch Grace, she just blends right into their family as the 5th child and it’s super cute!

This session went better than I remember it. It was super windy which was making it chilly and a lot of the fall color had fallen off the trees recently from the wind so I was kind of bummed about that. When I started editing their images tonight it was the first time I had actually looked at them and I was like WHAT this is amazing! hahah It’s fun to be able to relive experiences that I remembered differently. I guess that is the beauty of photography.

Ellie and her magical curly hair stole the show on this one for me. The wind, the light, it was all perfect. The 3 photos towards the end are my absolute favorite!

VanTimmeran 10 Year Anniversary & Extended Family // Little Sable Point Lighthouse Photographer


Sometimes it’s easy to forget to have pictures taken of yourselves when doing extended family photos. We always try to get each family and some candids but Christine had us split the time so they could have photos taken for their 10 year anniversary which I thought was a great idea!

We had our 10 year photos taken this past summer and it was so much fun. Hopefully I’ll actually post some of them once I get a free day :) 10 years is such an accomplishment and I think everyone should embrace it with photos just having fun together at this time of our lives.

We shot these at Little Sable Point Lighthouse which isn’t that far from where we live but somehow we’ve never been up that way. It’s so lovely! Pretty much anything we do anywhere north of us is incredibly beautiful. Michigan is just crazy beautiful in the summer!




Nori // Battle Creek Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

This is our third time shooting Jana and Cody and it’s always a magical time. If you want to see their super awesome engagement session that had that insane storm you can see it here:

Then their wedding last year!

Now they have a new little baby girl and based on the nursery, It’s easy to see Jana was pretty jazzed to drown her world in pink :)


The Johnson Family // New Puppy - Aurora!!


My brother and his wife recently brought home the newest member of their family, little Aurora! So we had to do a family session ASAP while she is still a baby. Puppies grow up so quickly and I wanted to just snuggle her immediately anyways. She is just so adorable and soft, I can't even stand it! 

Their other dog, Atlas, is still on the fence about her but I think they will be friends in no time. It's really just payback since every new puppy drives the older dog insane and eventually, it's their turn. It started with his first dog Rebel. He was the only dog for a while and when they got Eve, she drove him crazzzzy. When rebel passed away, they got Atlas and he drove Eve nuts as payback and now It's his turn to have puppy madness. Aurora seems like such a laid back dog though so he may have gotten lucky! 

Puppies are just like babies and it's so important to get photos while they are in this magical, fluffy, bouncy, incredible puppy time! 

Aurora is one lucky puppy to have landed the best dog parents! 

We brought Grace with us and she got to meet the puppy! I love that they are pretty much the same height right now. That certainly won't last long! Obviously she LOVES puppies! :) 

The Austin Family // Muskegon Family Photographer


When I found out I was pregnant, before science told me it was a girl, I already knew and was certain her name would be Grace. I didn't plan on it, put a ton of thought into it, I just knew. It has proven to be quite appropriate as a constant reminder of how much Grace we need currently. God has placed some wonderful people into our lives just when we need it the most. With that said, I'd like to put the spotlight on the Austin family :)

They have been so incredibly kind to us since we've had Grace. We met them through Dave and Lacey's wedding and were Facebook friends for 9 years (!) but that was about it. We found out they lived near us when Jennifer reached out and brought us a meal right after Grace was born. Then she was kind enough to stay a couple times with me when Ryan had weddings since I couldn't care for Grace on my own. The c-section recovery was really rough so I was unable to carry her or pick her up for about 2 months. So her help was such a blessing. Wedding season has been so hard while having a newborn. I knew it was crazy we were having her right at the beginning of June but I never knew just HOW crazy until it was happening. So they have watched Grace several times, even overnight once. She gets all kinds of attention and love over there and she texts me photos to show what a great time she's having :) She slept for 8 hours straight for the first time that night! Jennifer has some magic motherhood skills I think! 


It is just such a humbling experience to be in a position where you are forced to reach out for help even when it's not in your nature. I'm so glad to have become real life friends instead of just on Facebook, even though it was through the most stressful time of my life :) Thank you Austins. We loved hanging out and capturing the crazy fun that is your family!

The Jacqumain Family // Traverse City Family Photographer


I can't believe it's been 6 years since we shot Audrey & Nick's wedding! As you can see, a lot has happened since then as they have 2 adorable little boys now! 

They live up in Traverse City so we traveled up their to shoot this session and it's always so lovely! Summer time up north is just the absolute best! 


THE GREGERSEN FAMILY // Muskegon Family Photographer

The Gregersen family is back! They have come out to our mini sessions a couple times but this time they came to Muskegon to have a full beach session and we were even lucky enough to get a sunset!

Noel had a serious loose tooth which I think gives her even more character, not that she needs it! It's pretty funny though. These girls just have so much energy, it's always such a joy to shoot them! 

Melissa is also a photographer and shot Grace's newborn photos and oh my word, they are the cutest. The day of her photos was possibly the happiest I had been since her birth since we have a bit of a rough start. I remember just being unable to stop smiling and was so overwhelmed by the positions she was able to get my crazy baby into. She is seriously a baby wizard and I was beyond impressed. I didn't think I would want those crazy photos of babies in baskets and buckets but I have never been more wrong in my life. They are the best thing ever and anyone who has a baby needs to have in baskets and buckets. Look at this cuteness!! 

Ok now to their photos :) 

Peterson Family // Manistee Family Photographer

Peterson Family // Manistee Family Photographer

One of the things I love about extended families is that most of them are coming from out of town and when they are reunited, all the memories of the good times they've had come flooding back and everyone is just in a great state of mind. They are just happy to be together! This particular family owns a beach house in Manistee and they even got to hang out for a few days leading up to the shoot. I love coming to peoples' houses whenever I can and I loved how much fun we all had there! I am very excited to share these photos of this wonderful family so please enjoy!

Hepner Family // Leo is one! // Muskegon Family Photographer

Oh my word Leo is the cutest! It honestly seems like just a few months ago that I shot their wedding then newborn session and now Leo is one!! I love his giant eyes and cheeks so much!! 

Erica and Andy came to our house for a little mini session and luckily it was a beautiful sunny day out! Sunny winter days in Muskegon are super beautiful... but I'm still counting down the days until summer :) 


The Foster Family // Ellie // Kalamazoo Newborn Photographer

Ellie is here! This is the first Foster baby to be born at their new house and I gotta say, I LOVE IT. It has so much more light than their last place which is amazing plus they have this perfect little baby. We timed things to have Lyla napping and sent Hudson to his Grandma's house so we could actually take newborn photos of Ellie which I highly suggest doing if you have other young kids. We had them come in for the end and that was about all they could handle. I can only dream of having that kind of energy! 


It's crazy how big Hudson and Lyla already are. It seems like yesterday I was shooting their newborn sessions!

The Foster Family // Kalamazoo Family Photographer

For this years photos, we decided to keep it really low key and close to home which was a great idea! They have a park that is walking distance from their house and making pizza was also great since we got to eat pizza....and thats always a good thing. :) 

Also, how cute is this? I'm pretty sure Lyla and Ryan are best pals. 

The Brinza Family // Grand Rapids Family Photographer

Weather this year has been all over the place in Michigan. Right now, it's 54 degrees out but when we shot this session, it was like 15. haha So we toughed it out for about 15 minutes outside and then head into the studio where it was nice and toasty! Babies tend to not enjoy 15 degree weather :) 

We just love shooting extended families because it's so important to have photos of everyone together especially as the family is growing. Now that we have a studio space to work out of in Grand Rapids, it makes winter time a lot easier for sessions! No more freezing! Hooray! 

Sammie & Gabe // Muskegon State Park Beach Photography

Every year we give away a session during Mini Session season and the Gruss Family were the winners. Instead of using it themselves they wanted to hang onto it and give it away to someone else when they found the right people which I thought was super nice! 

I think at LEAST 90% of the people we shoot have this dynamic where the girl is outgoing and loud and laughs like a champ and the guy is just more quiet and low key. Maybe that is just a common way people are but I think I'm saying the same thing in every blog post, haha. Regardless, I'll say it again! Sammie had such an excellent laugh! It took like...almost no effort to get her laughing and she was just so excited and ready for this shoot. I swear if we told her to roll down one of the hills and it would be a great picture, she'd grab gabe and be like " LET'S DO THIS!!!!!" hahah and you all know I love that kind of enthusiasm! :) 


The Stevens/Bentz Family // Battle Creek Family Photographer

One of our favorite families is back and they brought the rest of the family too! We shot John Paul and Ashley's engagement, wedding, family and now extended family all here at the Battle Creek Country Club. It's such a beautiful place, It never gets old! 

Last year it was just Kate as far as adorable kids go but this year we've got two new tiny babies! What a difference a year makes!