Behlert Family // Cincinnati Family Photographer


I met Katie and Brent in college and because of the internet, have been able to keep in touch after all of these years. Back in 2012 I visited them in Grand Cayman and took some photos of them there. Even after all these years, I am still super proud of that session. You can see it HERE.

Then they had a baby and Ryan and I went down to Cincinnati to do newborn photos of Gio and again, even though they are on our old blog, I still really love the photos.

This time we came down to photograph Katie’s whole extended family and it was so much fun. There’s lots of kids and chaos which is just how we like it! There are 4 girls in her family which is fun to see especially since we are expected a sister for Grace! They are so lucky to all live in the same city and be so close with one another! We loved capturing the amazing love they family share!

VanTimmeran 10 Year Anniversary & Extended Family // Little Sable Point Lighthouse Photographer


Sometimes it’s easy to forget to have pictures taken of yourselves when doing extended family photos. We always try to get each family and some candids but Christine had us split the time so they could have photos taken for their 10 year anniversary which I thought was a great idea!

We had our 10 year photos taken this past summer and it was so much fun. Hopefully I’ll actually post some of them once I get a free day :) 10 years is such an accomplishment and I think everyone should embrace it with photos just having fun together at this time of our lives.

We shot these at Little Sable Point Lighthouse which isn’t that far from where we live but somehow we’ve never been up that way. It’s so lovely! Pretty much anything we do anywhere north of us is incredibly beautiful. Michigan is just crazy beautiful in the summer!




Feeney Extended Family // New Buffalo Beach Family Photographer

I could really get used to these extended family sessions. Adorable kids, happy grand parents that love to play with said kids and really awesome, kind parents. We have been getting the best clients lately. I am so thankful I get to hang out with these people and give them great photos. I also love shooting in new places! This time we did our session at New Buffalo Beach where they had a really cool staircase to get some shots I don't normally get. Did I mention there was two sets of twins? 🙃

Since the kids were good we had some extra time to go to Beachside Scoops to get some fun ice cream shots and we didn't even care how messy we got! Thank you Feeney fam for having me out and buying me ice cream! It's really why I do this job. Free ice cream! 😎

Tishhouse/Stone Family // Saugatuck Family Photographer


We shot Josh & Emily's wedding about 10 years ago and what a life changing thing that has been! Josh (the giant blonde one in the family picture above hahah) is basically a genius and has been such a huge help in my life when it comes to technology. So we've been photographing his family for years to stay on his good side haha! 

This year we went out to Saugatuck for Emily's side of the family and it was such a lovely day! We have been shooting at beaches more than we ever have before and it's been so great. I refuse to believe fall and winter are coming back in just a few months. 

Peterson Family // Manistee Family Photographer

Peterson Family // Manistee Family Photographer

One of the things I love about extended families is that most of them are coming from out of town and when they are reunited, all the memories of the good times they've had come flooding back and everyone is just in a great state of mind. They are just happy to be together! This particular family owns a beach house in Manistee and they even got to hang out for a few days leading up to the shoot. I love coming to peoples' houses whenever I can and I loved how much fun we all had there! I am very excited to share these photos of this wonderful family so please enjoy!