Behlert Family // Cincinnati Family Photographer


I met Katie and Brent in college and because of the internet, have been able to keep in touch after all of these years. Back in 2012 I visited them in Grand Cayman and took some photos of them there. Even after all these years, I am still super proud of that session. You can see it HERE.

Then they had a baby and Ryan and I went down to Cincinnati to do newborn photos of Gio and again, even though they are on our old blog, I still really love the photos.

This time we came down to photograph Katie’s whole extended family and it was so much fun. There’s lots of kids and chaos which is just how we like it! There are 4 girls in her family which is fun to see especially since we are expected a sister for Grace! They are so lucky to all live in the same city and be so close with one another! We loved capturing the amazing love they family share!