Lindsay & Patrick // Detroit Engagement Photographer


The amount of clients we have for 2019 that are hilarious is overwhelming. We are settling in nicely with a super funny crowd and I love it. It’s great having people just do the things you ask without feeling weird because weird feels right at home. Even though most things look pretty normal, the process of creating them can feel weird so it all just works so well when everyone is on the same page.

Lindsay and Patrick are just such nice people and memorable humans. 10 years into marriage and I can say that laughing with Ryan is the absolute favorite thing. Having someone to laugh with for the rest of my life is the most comforting thing in my world. I know that Lindsay will also enjoy that life at Patrick is a gem. haha I started following him on Instagram and a small series on a rainy yard sale made me laugh for a longer than it should have hahah

So excited for their wedding!

Taylor & Sam // Muskegon Engagement Photographer


When we are shooting anl engagement session on a fairly overcast day and then all of the sudden THE SKY EXPLODES. We run as fast as we can to get to the water to get some sweet sky shots before it’s gone. Now, I’m not much of an “athletic” person and Ryan was carrying a bunch of gear but none of that matters when you see a sky like this. YOU RUN!

Great memories are made when you think your lungs are about to explode. hahaha

For funzies, here’s a majestic outtake in the wind. :) Not every image is a winner hahah!

Renee + Cullen // Spring Lake Engagement Photographer


This was so exciting and scary! This is the first time Ryan flew the new drone over water. I was panicking (as usual) but he did such a great job and managed to not crash it :) He did however decapitate a bee, which I am pretty happy since a I just got stung a few days before that giving me cellulitis.

IMG_0043 copy.jpg

Then there is the rest of the session which is all awesome, they were such naturals together and in front of a camera! So nice meeting you guys and you family, enjoy!

Amanda + Mike // Muskegon Engagement Photographer


We love people who love pictures! Amanda said she's been dreaming of her engagement pictures since she was a little girl which I thought was interesting. Usually it's just the wedding little girls dream about but this girl means business! hahaha

Amanda and Mike came to Muskegon State Park for one of our local engagement sessions and I'm so glad they did! It was a perfect evening and we love making trips to the beach even if it's just for work :) 

Justin & Claire // Grand Rapids Engagement Photographer


These two have the most interesting and awesome personalities. Claire has the most wonderful dry sense of humor that I feel like not that many women have for some reason and Justin's personality compliments that so well. 

They were INCREDIBLE at taking direction. I love when people just submit themselves to the weird process, let go and see where it leads us haha! Overthinking is the killer of pictures with personality and I can confidently say we all did just the right amount of thinking because I'm just crazy for this set of images. 

I'm SO excited for their wedding coming up since they are at an awesome venue on top of being awesome people. Double win for us! 

But for now, enjoy all these super cool pictures :) 

Kaitlynn & Justin // Ann Arbor Engagement Photographer


Whoaaaa awesome light, awesome people and an awesome location! We went to Ann Arbor for their session and I just LOVE this spot. We lucked out with pretty much the most perfect weather as well. Thank goodness it was before this crazy heatwave hit! 

I had such a hard time picking my favorites and not making this a massive blog so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! 

Jennifer & Josh // St Joseph Engagement Photographer


Being playful together I think is such an important part of relationships. My favorite thing in life is laughing with Ryan so that is probably why it's such a big part of the work we do. I think it connects us as people and smiling is often where the spark of relationships start. 

Jennifer and Josh have a very obvious connection and are just...delightful together. Perhaps that is a weird word but it also feels perfect. They are relaxed, playful, happy and just enjoyed being together. Being someone who just met them, I found hanging out with them to be delightful as well and that's always what I hope for and I think gives a nice ease to images when everyone is enjoying the process.

I am so excited for their wedding coming up in about 5 weeks which is our last one of the season. What a way to finish of 2017 weddings! 


Pete contacted us in late June about taking pictures of his proposal he was planning for mid August. Ryan was already booked for that date so I said I would do it since it was far enough out from having Grace so I figured I'd be up and moving by then! 

While waiting out on the pier, trying to act like I was just admiring the view, I looked down to see bugs crawling all over me! So I kept getting up to shake them all off but figured sitting looked less suspicious so I kept getting covered by them again! 

Once they passed me and he proposed, we did an engagement session on the walk back to the cottage and oh my goodness, I just love how everything turned out! When they got back to the cottage, all their family and friends were waiting there to congratulate them and the moms were VERY excited haha! I met them before going out to the pier and they were all just so nice and completely jazzed about the engagement. 

Oh, and their puppy munch was also super pumped about her parents getting married. So pumped that she kept falling asleep hahah! 

Najat & Paul // Kalamazoo Engagement Photographer

I am BEYOND excited for Najat & Paul's wedding! When we first met them I swear we sat and talked for hours without realizing how long it had been. That is always a great sign since connection is such a big part of photography. They are so much fun, know how to make each other laugh and can we take a second to talk about Najat's glorious red hair. The color is perfect and the curls are super bouncy! Perfect hair color for fall engagement photos thats for sure :) 

Jana & Cody // South Haven Engagement Photographer

WHOA. Seriously...this session, these people, that sunset. It's all so whoa-worthy. 

This was filled with all of my favorite things. A super happy little family with a kid full of character and energy, beautiful weather, an incredible sunset, a couple who truly love and enjoy each other and a general laid back, up for anything spirit. I was literally jumping around because I couldn't contain my excitement from how awesome I knew these pictures would be. 

There's just such beauty in not overthinking things and just enjoying being with someone. It's really about not worrying about us and if you look good in the pictures, we will always worry about that. Your part is just to do your best to make your person happy and that is really what makes photos meaningful and what makes people beautiful. I know it sounds so cheesy, but loving someone changes them. It makes their posture better, their smile bigger, their eyes brighter, their laugh full of energy and gives them courage to let go and have fun. 

So that is the lesson we should all learn from this session. Let go, stop worrying and just love the person you are with and we will take care of the rest. 

Part of me wanted to post it backwards since the sunset stuff is so great but then this kid is so cute so it was such a hard choice. It's a long post, but the end is worth it! 

I am so beyond excited for their wedding next year! 

Shawn & Stephanie // NYE Wedding in Kalamazoo Michigan

Shawn & Stephanie // NYE Wedding in Kalamazoo Michigan

Their wedding was on New Years Eve at the Raddison and it was amazing. They had a 1920's theme and everyone dressed up for it which is always fun. Her dress was just incredible as well, as far as beaded dresses go, it was one of my all time favorites! What I remember most is laughing a ton and while editing their full set of images, I couldn't help but smile through most of it because of how he makes her laugh. It is my favorite thing. I say it a lot about how much I love how grooms look at their brides, but this is a whole different level. Stephanie's face lights up when he tries to make her laugh. It's not a fake laugh either, it's little moments of pure happiness and that's incredible.