wayne state engagement photos

Lindsay & Patrick // Detroit Engagement Photographer


The amount of clients we have for 2019 that are hilarious is overwhelming. We are settling in nicely with a super funny crowd and I love it. It’s great having people just do the things you ask without feeling weird because weird feels right at home. Even though most things look pretty normal, the process of creating them can feel weird so it all just works so well when everyone is on the same page.

Lindsay and Patrick are just such nice people and memorable humans. 10 years into marriage and I can say that laughing with Ryan is the absolute favorite thing. Having someone to laugh with for the rest of my life is the most comforting thing in my world. I know that Lindsay will also enjoy that life at Patrick is a gem. haha I started following him on Instagram and a small series on a rainy yard sale made me laugh for a longer than it should have hahah

So excited for their wedding!