Feeney Extended Family // New Buffalo Beach Family Photographer

I could really get used to these extended family sessions. Adorable kids, happy grand parents that love to play with said kids and really awesome, kind parents. We have been getting the best clients lately. I am so thankful I get to hang out with these people and give them great photos. I also love shooting in new places! This time we did our session at New Buffalo Beach where they had a really cool staircase to get some shots I don't normally get. Did I mention there was two sets of twins? 🙃

Since the kids were good we had some extra time to go to Beachside Scoops to get some fun ice cream shots and we didn't even care how messy we got! Thank you Feeney fam for having me out and buying me ice cream! It's really why I do this job. Free ice cream! 😎