The Johnson Family // New Puppy - Aurora!!


My brother and his wife recently brought home the newest member of their family, little Aurora! So we had to do a family session ASAP while she is still a baby. Puppies grow up so quickly and I wanted to just snuggle her immediately anyways. She is just so adorable and soft, I can't even stand it! 

Their other dog, Atlas, is still on the fence about her but I think they will be friends in no time. It's really just payback since every new puppy drives the older dog insane and eventually, it's their turn. It started with his first dog Rebel. He was the only dog for a while and when they got Eve, she drove him crazzzzy. When rebel passed away, they got Atlas and he drove Eve nuts as payback and now It's his turn to have puppy madness. Aurora seems like such a laid back dog though so he may have gotten lucky! 

Puppies are just like babies and it's so important to get photos while they are in this magical, fluffy, bouncy, incredible puppy time! 

Aurora is one lucky puppy to have landed the best dog parents! 

We brought Grace with us and she got to meet the puppy! I love that they are pretty much the same height right now. That certainly won't last long! Obviously she LOVES puppies! :)