boatwerks wedding photography

Danielle & Josh // Holland Wedding Photographer


This was my first wedding back after having Grace and it felt like old times which was nice. :) The weather was incredible, Boatwerks and the church were beautiful and Danielle and Josh were such laid back, fun, incredible people. Oh and Danielle is crazy beautiful. I don't understand how her skin is so perfectly matte but glowing at the same time but it's amazing. 

So let's also take a minute to shine a light on her dress. It has sequins on the layer underneath so they just twinkled through which I've never seen before and I've seen a LOT of wedding dresses. It's one of my all time favorites. It twirled like a dream and sparkled and fit her perfectly. 

Everyone was super fun too. We went to go take a shot of Josh in his office at the Church and that turned into a nerf gun fight quite quickly...obviously. 

We had such a great time and I'm super excited to finally be catching up on all the editing so I can start showing stuff from this summer! Enjoy!