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Mike & Amanda // Grand Rapids Public Museum Wedding


Ryan convinced me to get new cameras right before this wedding. I was freaking out since I don’t like change but oh my goodness, it was all basically amazing so I stand corrected. Our new cameras have wifi so I was able to get them a decent sized preview I edited on my phone on the drive home which is nuts!

Amanda is so organized but also laid back enough to be a normal person which is such a hard balance to have. Days like this are just so easy because everyone is where they are supposed to be, all the things run on time, nobody is running around stressed and we have lots of time to do REALLY COOL THINGS. It’s basically a dream for me.

The twirling of her dress had me going nuts. It was big enough but also light enough to catch the wind in the most amazing way so I was just bouncing around screaming like a dumb dumb as usual hahaha

I can’t wait to get a few of these images into our main portfolio which is always a place of honor as the best of the best!

Sarah & Josh // GR Studio Space - Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer


I love all the big weddings we shoot but there's something special about a small, low-key wedding. We love mixing things up and were so excited to shoot in the new GR Studio Space!

Everyone was just so kind and happy. That's really the key to an awesome wedding of any size. Sarah has the best scrunchy nosed laugh, it was hard not to put only laughing pictures in of her because it's just all so great. 

The details were beautiful, Sarah MADE THOSE AWESOME CAKES herself, puppies had more energy than I've ever had in my life, lots of laughs and joy from everyone and even a fun ending of Stalky McCreeperton. We are so happy we were able to be part of this day! Enjoy! 


Here's a fun fact of why Ryan and I are such a super duper team! He shoots all the details as they are in the most natural way and I always shoot things dark exposing just for the candlelight to give a different feel to the same shots. We love variety! My goal at any wedding is really to be doing whatever Ryan isn't doing. 

While editing I stumbled upon some super creepy Jeff pictures and I thought there would be no better way to end this blog than by giving everyone nightmares. SWEET DREAMMSSSSSS


Hannah & Daniel // Richard App Gallery Wedding

Every year we seem to get one or two weddings by way of an illness of the previous photographer, a double booking or other things of that nature. We were able to step in and help once again for Hannah and Daniel and hit the jackpot. They ended up being our ideal client with a mix of genuinely kind and laid back personalities, with a touch of wackiness! What they lacked in craziness, their wedding party supplemented in spades!! We couldn't have asked for more. 😎 Thank you for welcoming us as part of the gang! We had so much fun and it shows in the images!

We really appreciate that both Hannah and Daniel can be super fun but then flip the switch into lovey mode with ease. These people adore each other and we loved it!! That love carried over to their kids when they both gave separate vows to them during the ceremony and let me tell you, there was not a dry eye in that gallery. I've heard a lot of vows but those got me right in the feels! 😭 You guys have such a great little family and I can't wait to give you these photos you can treasure forever.

Here's to you guys.


have a great life together Hannah and Daniel!!

Big shoutout to all these vendors who helped make our pictures awesome!!

-Venue by Richard App Gallery (
-Catering by Kangaroo Kitchen (
-Makeup by Izzy VanRyn at Manic Muse (
-Hair by Erin Fields at Pure Salon (
-Music by Motor City Soul (
-Officiant: Gust Bassianotis (
-Floral by Jill LeBlanc Floral (