grand rapids public museum wedding

Mike & Amanda // Grand Rapids Public Museum Wedding


Ryan convinced me to get new cameras right before this wedding. I was freaking out since I don’t like change but oh my goodness, it was all basically amazing so I stand corrected. Our new cameras have wifi so I was able to get them a decent sized preview I edited on my phone on the drive home which is nuts!

Amanda is so organized but also laid back enough to be a normal person which is such a hard balance to have. Days like this are just so easy because everyone is where they are supposed to be, all the things run on time, nobody is running around stressed and we have lots of time to do REALLY COOL THINGS. It’s basically a dream for me.

The twirling of her dress had me going nuts. It was big enough but also light enough to catch the wind in the most amazing way so I was just bouncing around screaming like a dumb dumb as usual hahaha

I can’t wait to get a few of these images into our main portfolio which is always a place of honor as the best of the best!