Grand Rapids Wedding Photography

Sara + Will // Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer


What an incredible day! Everyone got ready at the J.W. Marriott in Downtown Grand Rapids which is such a beautiful hotel on the river that is surrounded by all the best things downtown has just in general but also for photos. This was such a laid back day filled with so much happiness and peace which is just the best.

We are at such an advantage that we attend so many weddings as they all impact us in one way or another. I recall our wedding a lot of the time and always try to remember when we were first married and the excitement that holds. In good times and bad, having a partner for life is just one of the most incredible things to experience.

Although we just met Sara and Will, it’s so obvious how good they are for each other and we are so happy for them. As Ryan and I always say to each other, “Buddies for LIFFFFEEE” and we hope that for them as well :)