Shawn & Stephanie // Kalamazoo Engagement Photographer

Last week it was 60 degrees out and this week, ICE BLIZZARD! Welcome to Michigan. 

Stephanie and Shawn were such troopers. They live in Houston and came to Michigan just in time for all this greatness. We had to reschedule since Monday had such a big storm and then even though the internet said there wouldn't be rain or snow, there definitely was. It's in these times that choosing to have a good attitude and roll with what your given become so important and that is exactly what happened and it's just all crazy beautiful. 

10 minutes into this shoot, I was thrilled. Shawn has this great contagious laugh that just seems to bring them both to life. If you follow all my blogs, you know I'm such a sucker for couples who know how to laugh together. It's crazy obvious how much fun they have when in each others company and that is just all we need to be able to do the rest of our job well. 

Their wedding is TOMORROW! It's a 20's themed NYE Party and I'm so so very excited! I wanted to put a rush on getting this blog up before the wedding since it's all happening so close together. I love that we had this time to shoot prior so we all know each other a bit better and I couldn't be happier for these two. They are perfect for each other!