Kyle & John // Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer

This is our busiest winter season we have ever had and I am loving every bit of it. First off, it's super warm outside! Second, all of the twinkly lights covering everything makes me the happiest girl in the world! 

Kyle and John had a small wedding in the Grand Loft of the Radisson in Kalamazoo which is just insanely beautiful and their reception dinner at the chef's table at Zazio's which was one of the coolest things I've seen in a while. I am sorta obsessed with watching people cook so it was really interesting to see that in person. 

Besides all the pretty things, let me just talk about their family. It's always such a wonderful thing to just show up at these super personal events and get to know new people in such a short time by taking photos of them. Kyle is just full of energy and life and super kind. I didn't get to chat with John too much, but from just watching him with everyone else and the way he admires Kyle, I think he's like many of our other grooms that are the more laid back type that adore energetic, joyful women. Kyle's daughter has the same big laugh as her mom and I just LOVE photographing people with big laughs. It was such a casual event but at the same time, so personal and it was amazing to be there in the room to witness this great energy amongst such a close group of people. 

Another awesome event that happened was the reveal of their first grandchild! Kyle's son Cameron and Jillian are pregnant and they revealed to the family what they were having a little girl at the wedding and I'm so happy they did because it made for some seriously emotional pictures. Also, I'm pretty sure Jillian is my personality twin. I find people every one in a while who have the same type of humor and weirdness as me and it's always exciting to know there are others out there, haha! 

Finally, although I've become the voice of GAUPERphoto, the best images from this wedding were all Ryan. He shines brightest when in tricky lighting and events that are really laid back and focused on candid moments. I love watching him in his element! 

So thank you to the whole Keiser/Allen family for inviting us in to photograph such a wonderful merging of two great families. We hope you enjoy the pictures!