Jim & Robin // Kellogg Manor House Wedding Photographer

I am just loving all these Christmas weddings we were able to shoot this year! It's so different from our weddings we do in the spring/summer/fall but I enjoy the challenges winter brings as it forces you to think differently which is refreshing. 

Robin and Jim were such nice people. They both light up when they are together and I love that he makes her laugh. I think laughing together is so important in marriage! 

Oddly enough, the last wedding we shot at the Kellogg Manor House was a Christmas wedding as well! As a person who LOVES Christmas, this place is a dream. The decor is so cozy and magical I just want to spend forever there. I love all the detail in the house to begin with so adding in sparkles and Christmas, it's just amazing. I cannot recommend this place enough, especially for holiday weddings!