kalamazoo wedding photographer

Bridgette & Sam // Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer


We met Bridgette & Sam when we shot their entire family (you can see that post here). Right away, we knew these people were a special bunch. They were so fun and joyful and just the kind of family you dream to be a part of.

Bridgette and Sam weren’t engaged at the time but when we left the session that day, Ryan and I both were like WE GOTTA SHOOT THEIR WEDDING! I am so glad we were able to be a part of this day because it was amazing. They have such a good energy together.

Sam is just so kind and has an excellent sense of humor and Bridgette is just a light in the world. She is one of those special people that could brighten anyones day. She reminds me a lot of Maisha from our last blog. Being able to be around people like this, even just for the day, impacts our life in so many ways. These images are not just memories for our clients, they are for us as well and being able to be a part of so many awesome events for so many incredible people is for sure the greatest perk of what we do.

Ashley & Jack // Loft 310 Wedding Photographer


We met Ashley and Jack last New Years Eve when we shot his brother's wedding. We stayed to get photos of them during the fireworks that go off at midnight in downtown Kalamazoo. Well, nobody really made it there or people just left or it was too cold, I'm not exactly sure what happened but it was just Ashley and Jack with me and Ryan so we watched the fireworks with them haha Ryan took these pictures with his iPhone. I'm not totally sure why, but she gave us a dollar hahaha 


Right when I met Ashley that day I thought she was so fun. She's just super down to earth, high energy, has an awesome sense of humor and basically my perfect kind of client. So I was super excited when they wanted us to shoot their wedding too! 

I honestly laughed so hard the whole day my face was always hurting. Jack is so perfect for her and I can't even imagine how much fun they will have spending the rest of their lives together. In 60 some years I'd like to meet up again and shoot them again. I can imagine they will be the kind of elderly people that are an absolute blast to be around, saying whatever the heck they want because they lived to be over 80 and are allowed to do that haha

I wanted to make a special collection of images of THIS GUY. There's always one guest that is just the winner of being awesome. He was full of energy on the dance floor, enthusiastic and just radiated fun times! 

Will & Sara // Stetson Chapel Wedding Photographer

Will & Sara // Stetson Chapel Wedding Photographer

Laid back is definitely how I would describe Will & Sara's wedding day. Everything just sorta flowed really well and we love working with people who just let the day happen organically. They are both Reverends and Sara's dad is one as well. During his speech at night, he told a story about how she would come along with him when he officiated weddings at Stetson Chapel when she was just a little girl and when she played "wedding" she was almost always the officiant rather than the bride. haha! I guess things have come full circle and she can be both :)