Kristina & Justin // North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I met Kristina about 6 years ago and she is one of those people you meet and instantly know they are an incredible human. She has such a kind and joyful heart and such a great sense of humor. Justin is her perfect other half. I think love is at it's best when your person really knows and appreciates who you truly are and they have that. He brings out the absolute best in her and before even meeting him I could see how happy she was. When we got to the wedding and got to know him a little bit, I just couldn't imagine a world where these two aren't best buddies for life. 

I'm always saying "buddies for life" to Ryan since it's really my favorite part of marriage. He's the one person that knows me so well and values and understands every weird or vulnerable part of who I am and it's the most wonderful thing. These two have that and it's such a great thing to witness. 

Their attitude towards difficulties also goes to show what a strong relationship they have. Life isn't always easy and dealing with the tough stuff really shows who you are. So lets talk about that hurricane! 

Yep. Their wedding was set to be on the beach in South Carolina right as the hurricane was coming in. Now, to make it more fun, we had a wedding in Michigan the day before so we would be flying in THE MORNING OF HER WEDDING which was stressful and risky all on it's own. To make it more crazy, there was only ONE flight out. Awesome.

Eventually, Kristina called me and told me the wedding was cancelled. My heart broke for her. There was talk of rescheduling but that didn't work and it was just a mess. Later, I got another call from her and the wedding was BACK ON! However, it was moved to where they live in North Carolina since that was more inland. We re-routed our flight and prayed there were no delays in the morning. We made it just in time!

The development where they live has a beautiful clubhouse and golf course and these big tall trees and it's really lovely. She basically planned the whole wedding over in 2 days for the new location and seemed to keep her cool through it all. It was certainly a bit different since she said we were winging it when we got there so I was like...Ok! haha but it all turned out amazing. I cannot believe everything it took to make it happen. 

It reminds me of the day Ryan proposed. (click here to read the whole story if you are interested) He planned this big day in Chicago and it seemed like everything kept going wrong. I lost most of his cash out of his wallet, The sears tower took way too long, The ferris wheel wasn't running so he couldn't propose while taking a picture like he wanted and then we left the GPS in a cab. He finally gave up and found an easy way out of the city and started driving home. Eventually, he pulled off and parked at a car dealership and proposed to me there. He Said "I didn’t really want to propose to you in a car but this is what we have been dealt. I am going to love you even when things aren’t perfect and things don’t work out as planned" then asked to marry me. I replied “I would marry you if we were covered in mud”. 

I think Kristina and Justin would have been happy to marry each other even covered in mud too. :)

--> Also, be sure to check out the custom doodled programs at the end of this post! 


One final story for this wedding... Kristina had this awesome idea to have me do doodles of everyone in the wedding party with things that are unique to them. We got this finished and sent to the printer JUST in time. Then when the wedding got moved, I tried so hard to have them rerouted in time but they never made it. 

After our Saturday night wedding, I printed out as many as I had ink for on my home printer and brought those with me when we left Sunday morning so they at least had something after all the thought and work we put into them. 

I think this was the coolest idea ever though!