Rachel & Phil // The Cheney Place Wedding Photographer

I love when people really make weddings unique to them. If you recall Rachel and Phil's engagement session a while ago, they planned a space themed wedding which I think is such a cool idea! Ryan and I had a Dr. Seuss themed wedding so we are all about doing oddball things :) 

The wedding was at The Cheney Place which is such a great venue. It's close to downtown, has a ton of awesome indoor places to shoot and is just a beautiful place to shoot in overall! I am always encouraging people to consider a rain plan since this is Michigan after all and this is certainly a good one! 

Their wedding was right at the end of Art Prize in Grand Rapids and I'm shocked we were able to manage getting any shots at some of the pieces since getting through traffic while on a schedule is always tricky but I'm so glad we did, there are so many incredible things there! The flower building is my absolute favorite though!