Jordan & Lindsey // Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer

Many years ago in what seems like another life, Ryan was a youth leader at church and met Jordan as a wee lad. Fast forward a decade and here we are at Jordan's wedding. For some reason, whenever I think of Jordan, I recall him helping us move to a bigger apartment not long after we got married and he was swinging from a stairwell haha! We made this big time lapse of the whole thing so that is probably why. See! 

This wedding was such a fun group of people on a PERFECT fall day. The venue was beautiful but most importantly, was filled with free roaming cats. If we could go back and get married all over again, our wedding would be filled with tons of cats running around. 

At one point, Ryan called me and said come outside. I figured he needed something from me but when I went outside, he was just standing there holding a kitten filled with joy. Typical Ryan. hahah

It's so awesome to be a part of weddings like this that have such great families involved and everything just makes sense. I always say that love shouldn't be complicated, it should just make sense and be obvious and I feel like that is Jordan and Lindsey. You ALL know how much I love good laughers and my gosh, they are both so great but I especially love Lindsey's laugh, her smile is so real and like pure joy bursting out of her face in some of these pictures. 

Some Fun Mini Stories: 
- Out of all the twirling I do with brides, Lindsey was my first to get tangled in her dress and take a dive. She was a great sport and I think it made for a couple pretty funny pictures. haha It's all about memories guys! 

- Ryan and Jordan used to work with Steve in construction and he has since moved to Texas. Steve was Ryan's best man at our wedding and we were all bummed he wasn't able to make it to Jordan's but out of nowhere, he was there at the reception! Steve has tried to get everyone to move to Texas and work for him at one point or another but for some insane reason, we all choose Michigan like a bunch of crazies. 

- While Jordan was opening his gift from Lindsey, instead of a small note it was like 20 pages of stuff, letters from their relationship, ect. The first thing he says is "I can't read all of this!" and then reads the first thing which said, "Jordan - you don't have to read all of this" hahaha that is when you know how well they know each other :) 

We had such a great time and hope you all enjoy these images as much as we do!