Brooke & Eddie // Wabeek Country Club Wedding Photographer


This was our last fall wedding of 2016 and what a way to end the season! The night before their wedding Ryan and I stocked up in a huge tin of special whole foods cookies since we were in Detroit and honestly, that really felt like the right way to start the wedding day. We run on adrenaline so much during weddings that when you add sugary goodness, we are unstoppable!

Their wedding was at the Wabeek Country Club and on my stars, what a beautiful place! In the fall, everything is golden and the air is fresh and its just this last little bit of magic before it's super cold and winter is upon us. 

Some mini stories about a few images: 

- The first image above. AHHHHH! There's always one image per wedding that I love more than all the rest and this one is it. Originally, I was straightening out her dress when all the water from the wet grass kicked up at me and I realize what an awesome shot this was if I wasn't in it so I switched with Eddie and this magical wonder happened. 

- The ring shots. The first one was shot on one of the uplights. I saw all those colors and knew immediately I must have them. I look like an insane person half way under a table to get the right angle on the light. I wish Ryan would take shots of me and my weird setups since it's funny. 

- The eyeball. That is all I will say. You'll know it when you see it. hahahaha! This wedding party was the best! 

- Last, let's all take a moment to appreciate how a twinkle light background should look. In 9 years of shooting weddings full time this is the first twinkle light setup that was perfection. They were close together, in perfect rows, it was a dream! The second we walked in the room and saw that Ryan and I both were filled with glee. haha