Jayde & Andrew // South Haven Engagement Photographer

JaydeAndrew01 You know what I love? I love people who enjoy each other. Five minutes into the session, they had each other laughing and that pretty much set the tone for the rest of the evening. After almost 10 years together, still being able to make each other laugh with such ease is a wonderful thing. I think laughing together makes us closer as humans and also puts people at ease which is why I love it so much. All of these smiles are real in these photos and the way they look at each other isn't something we could manufacture. Simply by being themselves and finding comfort and joy in one another allowed us to just do what we do and it was a super great experience for us as well. This did not feel like work, thats for sure.



So..funny story. As this peaceful, sorta private, beautiful image was happening on this hill, down on the main part of the beach someone was taking photos of a few boys for their senior photos. No big deal, right? Well...they were all belly flopping in the sand. My question is #1, why would anyone want to belly flop into sand? (ouch!) and #2, Why take photos of sand flops? Well, that distraction was funny and weird to watch, but still not enough to break their focus because THIS happened! AHHH it's one of my many favorites! It feels sneaky, and I like sneaky.


I hope everyone really enjoys the shot below because I got a stick literally stuck in my butt in the process of taking this photo. Those pretty little grass things look nice but they are sharp and out to kill.


I was sorta bummed when the sun went away and this HUGE cloud rolled in right at the beginning of the session because I was worried we wouldn't have a cool sky for sunset photos on the beach. Lucky us because this stormy sunset cloud is awesome.


We all know how much I love shooting jewelry and stacked engagement rings is a first for me and I LOVE THIS IDEA. She told me she gets 2 more at the wedding as well. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Jayde has such awesome taste. Everything she wore was amazing and I wish I had it all. It was eclectic, layered, cute but sophisticated which I think is perfect. Then she tells me about the stacked rings and I was just thrilled.


We had such a lovely time working with these two and it's the best part of my week to work on photos for people like this. Seriously, it's what I look forward to most in my life. It's always such a rush to get the shots and then when we cull it down to the best ones, looking at the full set of two people so happy together is just what it's all about and it's an honor to be a part of it.



We recently upgraded our iPhones and Ryan can't get enough of the slow motion capabilities and the new hyperlapse app. These would be better if I did something cool with them or had more clips so I could string them together, but oh well, maybe I'll do things like that in the future. I'm always just too focused on taking photos and don't make time for stuff like this usually but Ryan's on top of it! :)