Erica & Andy // Traverse City Wedding Photographer

Cover The saying "happy wife, happy life" came to mind when I sat down to write this blog and I think Andy has a pretty happy life ahead of him. Erica is just a happy, kind human being and I think those are the best kinds of humans. Andy complemented her personality so well and it was such an amazing day to be a part of.  Years ago, Ryan and I shot Mary's (her little sister) senior pictures and it makes me feel super old to see Mary all grown up. I also want to publicly call dibs on shooting Mary's wedding right now because she is a hilarious delight of a person. The fact that both girls are so sweet is no surprise, they come from such a great family.

This was the first time I've shot at the Traverse City Yacht Club and it was just breathtaking. The view from the back lawn was incredible and I had a hard time believing it was real.


This picture cracks me up every time I look at it. Mary had to walk away because her happy tears were gonna mess up her makeup. If I'm remembering correctly, I'm pretty sure she said "I can't even look at you!" which I find hilarious haha


I love informal photo with parents. I feel like there is so much more life and authenticity to them over the standard look at the camera and smile ones. I do the regular ones, of course, but these are always my favorites.


I am always noticing teeth now since I've had an insane amount of dental work done this past year so I was complimenting Erica's amazing teeth and apparently she JUST got her braces off like a couple weeks before the wedding. What a great surprise and they obviously did a great job because her smile is incredible!


There is always one image during a bride and groom session that just takes my breath away and this is it. It's the shining glory of the portraits for their wedding if you ask me. I kept screaming the word whimsical at them uncontrollably, hahaha


This Guy! Haha there is always one groomsmen who gets the most attention and he's the one. Typically, "that guy" ends up being a jerk by the end of the night when he's wasted but that was not the case here. This guy was just funny and free spirited which is a great combination. Unfortunately, he got his suit a little dirty but how is it possible to resist picking up that big chain? Totally worth it if you ask me :)


I'm gonna say it, I think this is one of my top 10 favorite bridal portraits in my portfolio.


Mary's speech might be in my top 10 of best bridesmaids speeches ever. She is so blunt, honest and funny but still very sweet. It was great!


And then we ended the night with this band! They were great and I so very much enjoyed all the crazy lights outside. The whole evening had such a great vibe to it.


As I was getting ready to take off for the night and saying my goodbyes, I realized I only took simple ring shots and nothing glitzy! Erica loves all my sparkly shots so thank goodness I remembered! It would be a travesty to have me shoot your wedding and not get a glittery ring shot.


It was an absolute joy to photograph such lovely, joyful people. Every wedding I shoot fills me up and I live on those great memories until next wedding season comes around again. Outside of my family and Duma, there is nothing more I love about my life than photographing truly happy people.