Jordynn & Patrick // Petoskey Wedding Photographer

JordynnPatrick-cover-sm Well gosh, where do I even start. Jordynn is a spunky ball of energy covered in tulle and sparkles and Patrick... well... isn't so sparkly, but has exceptionally great hair and an awesome laid back personality. It seems that most spunky and chatty girls end up with laid back guys. I only take notice because, as we all know, I'm one of those girls as well. I suspect there just needs to be a talker and there needs to be a listener, so it all sorta just balances out.

From our first meeting, Jordynn's laugh was so memorable and it's always fun to have clients that are just as loud as excitable as I am. Typically, I'm the only one squealing with delight over photos all day so it was great to work with someone with just as much energy joining in on the squeals of joy.

I have to also mention all the pretty things. Her dress is that out of a fairytale but better and more sparkly, her stunning Christian Louboutin shoes and a ring that is just to die for were the highlights for me but the venue was also the perfect environment. The water up in Petoskey was a stunning shade of blue and the Inn and Bay Harbor couldn't have been more amazing. The whole atmosphere up north in general is always incredible and feels like a whole different world than down here in Muskegon.

It was a beautiful day at a beautiful location with beautiful things and beautiful people. I'd say that makes for a pretty great day :) We hope you all love the photos as much as we do!!



I can't even handle these twirling photos. When I first saw her dress, I gasped our of sheer joy because I knew right away this was going to be something special when twirled. Now, my own wedding dress holds the top twirling photos since I sorta bought it with twirling in mind, but I'm gonna go ahead and say these are right up there with my own and that is saying a lot. The middle one here where she looks like she is a tornado... I just can't even handle it!! Also, the fact that she did all this twirling in those magnificent heels is an accomplishment all on it's own.