Hannah // Senior Photos

2014-07-30_0027 Well, we feel pretty old right about now and cannot believe Hannah is already a senior. I remember meeting her 6 years ago when I first met Ryan and she was just a little kid. Time is going by too fast and I really need it to slow down ASAP.

So... funny story of how I came to meet the Buren family... Steve (hannah's older brother) is one of Ryan's best friends and Ryan, Steve and his dad were all going to a baseball game in Detroit and Ryan invited me along. We had been talking for a little while through email but had never met in person. So that was the first time we ever met, in a minivan on the drive to Detroit, with two other guys I never met. Pretty much the whole drive there, I talked only to Steve and his dad as the whole Buren family is much more outgoing than Ryan is.  11 months later Ryan and I were married. :)

We have been friends with their family for a while and we were obviously very excited to shoot Hannah's senior pictures. She has grown up to be such a kind, bubbly, free spirited girl and we had a great time during her session.  Enjoy the photos!