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It's hard to believe this day is here. I started this project back in 2011 and since I did it as a gift, it kept getting pushed to the bottom of my list since I had other paid work to handle first. This winter, I worked for an entire week to get it all finished and I'm so incredibly proud of this book. It might be the project I am most proud of in my career so far. I am getting an actual physical sample of the book printed but have not ordered it yet and well, I got impatient and wanted to share it now. :)

We shot Hope and Evan's wedding in 2010 and the following year, they were pregnant. So we started on this journey photographing them at every milestone. Maternity, Newborn, 3 months, 7 months and a year. It's so cool to see them grow as a family and to see what new thing's Renn has learned since our last session. Their newborn photos were taken around their first apartment and his 3 month were at their first home which is where he will grow up. Having photos taken in a place that is personal to you has a lot of value which is why I love in home sessions. Your surrounded by all of your things that are important to you and in a place that feels comfortable. It's really the perfect setting.

We also ventured out to the park and such as he got older and enjoyed those sorts of things, but it's still another place that is natural and fun.

I wish I was a good at sales and could say all kinds of magical sales person words that make people feel things and want to invest in them but...for anyone who knows me, I am not that person. I just spew out words. All I can say is how highly I value this work and how much I hope other people want to have a book like this as well because I would love to continue doing this.

Also, Hope and Evan and pregnant with another boy! I hope this book will be a great memory for their family of when their family was just the three of them, getting their first house and figuring out parenthood.

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