Stan & MeeLay // Battle Creek Wedding Photographer

1Cover-Size Stan and Meelay were a joy to shoot. They were super laid back but did such a great job planning everything out. Their reception was at one of my favorite venues in Battle Creek, The McCamly Plaza and although I didn't understand most of what was said all day, It is interesting how body language is universal. They are from Burma as well as most of the guests so the entire ceremony and reception were all in Burmese. Shooting weddings that are from different cultures is one of my favorite things to do these days. It's always great to see how people do things differently.


These girls had such great style when it came to shoes. So many sparkles!


Meelay was such a natural. She was quiet, elegant and giggly which I think is the perfect combination of character traits.


I think this photo sums up Stan pretty well. From our first meeting, this seemed to be what his face is always like, happy and smiling.

2014-08-15_00502014-08-15_0052 Going with the flow is a pretty big deal when it comes to weddings. Right as we were about to leave, the limo overheated and started bleeding green. We just went on a nice long walk for the portraits instead and they eventually found a replacement and picked us up. The great part about it is that nobody missed a beat and everything kept moving forward and we got to take all of the following adorable, fun photos.


THIS GUY. There is always one groomsmen who is trouble...and he was my favorite haha :)


If you follow my work at all, you know I'm crazy for twirling. So upon Meelay's first twirl, the photos were magical. She knew how to get that dress flying and I just love it! I always feel like at least one of the twirling shots always looks like this image I have in my head of some fairytale where a girl is late for a ball or something and she is running down grand steps and her dress is flying through the air. I think that is the image I try to re-create at every wedding.


I ADORE how much these girls giggled together. Seriously, this is everything that I hope to accomplish when shooting weddings. 


OH MY STARS... I love this photo. Talk about perfect timing. haha! Also, the one below it I think is specifically funny but merits explanation as this was an alcohol free reception :) The kids at this wedding were so adorable, I can't even handle it.


Let me take a moment to talk about their reception. The way they kicked off dancing was with this big montage of the best parts of all the best songs to dance to. It got the party started so quickly and everyone just had a blast. I think it was such a great idea and it added another element of fun to the dancing because people kept getting surprised with every switch of songs. I also loved the lights they had set up as well since it helps give so much movement and energy to the room.


I don't know whose idea this was, but I thank you because I love these limbo photos. :)


It was a joy to photograph you guys and also a big thanks to Amber Brooks for second shooting with me! It was a great day full of great people and I loved every moment of it! :)