Matt & Julie // Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

Occasionally on off dates, Ryan will do smaller weddings solo and this is one of them. It’s cool for me to edit this work since I didn’t shoot it and I tend to praise Ryan to death which I’m sure he enjoys. But seriously, this wedding is so great! It’s simple, laid back, beautiful even light, awesome reception venue and most importantly of all, awesome people.

You see, I wasn’t there but just from looking at the images, you get a feel for who they are. Out in the rain, having fun, being playful and happy. It’s just the best! Little things like rain should never bring you down on your wedding! One way or another, there’s always a way to solve it. The best one in my opinion is if it’s not pouring, is to go out in it!

There’s one in here where I literally GASPED when I first saw it and yelled at Ryan “MARY POPPINS!” haha I just love when people have ideas of their own. It’s such a cute picture and a contender for new portfolio work this winter.

So everyone pat Ryan on the back for being awesome without me. Well, shooting at least. Lord knows I’m not going to let him edit pictures hahahaa :)

Dress: The Bride's Project It is a non-profit staffed by volunteers and ALL the money raised from sales of bridal gowns supports families touched by cancer through the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor.

Car: Detroit Classic Car Rentals

Church/Officiant: University Lutheran Chapel / Gabe Kasper

Makeup: Imagine Three Beauty Studio

Venue: Vinology 

DJ: Dan and Tray Productions


Let’s be honest these “outtakes” are certainly keepers but it’s fun to shine a light on wonderful personalities! These two are so fun!