Alex & Anna // Detroit Wedding Photographer

We’ve done two weddings in one weekend many times before but this was a bit of a special case. We had their wedding on Friday in Detroit and then a wedding in St. Joseph Michigan on Saturday. Soooo basically on complete opposite sides of Michigan.

The plan that made the most sense was to drive from Detroit to St. Joe after this wedding on Friday night so we wouldn’t have to get up crazy early which was a great plan. We had NO IDEA the day that was ahead of us on Saturday and boy am I excited to blog that craziness but generally, we got nailed with impossible weather and so much bad luck but somehow, the day ended up awesome.

On the other end of the spectrum, Alex and Anna got SO lucky with weather! You couldn’t have had more opposite days since It was so beautiful out. Anna had two dresses and in my opinion, more dresses is always the right choice :) The second one was for the reception and there’s this twirling shot with it that I am NUTS for! I try to do this cool backlit shot for the first dance at every wedding now. Ryan is always on close ups so this twirly backlit shot is my only goal for the whole song basically and it’s always worth it.

The pride their families have for them was a beautiful thing to experience. A large portion of the ceremony was spent talking about how awesome they are and all the amazing things they have accomplished. This is the first time we have experienced that. I honestly wish it happened more! It’s really something to honor what you’ve done that made you who you are up until that point since everything is so different once you join your to another person.

Two Things:

  1. I may have outdone myself with the ring shot below. So feel free to enjoy the heck out of that :) I CAN NOT STOP STARING AT IT! hahaha

  2. The shot with the shoes and jewelry… It’s a face! You see it right?! This was not intentional but hilarious when I realized it later hahah :)