Jim & Leah // The Homestead Wedding Photographer

Oh gosh, where do I start on this one! I think this deserves bullet points! 

  • First, I was 37 weeks pregnant at this wedding and well, that was a test of my abilities haha but as long as I'm able to move, I'll be shooting weddings! We brought along Dan Stewart to be a third shooter to be there just in case I went into labor early and to help me out since I was moving a bit slow. Turns out, I never went into labor at all! At 39 weeks, I had to have a c section since she was badly breeched and it was too dangerous to let labor start on it's own since we live so far from the hospital. So this was my last wedding before going on baby leave and I'm so glad I didn't miss out! 
  • Leah is hilarious. I watched all 10 seasons of friends while at the hospital and my first week home with Grace and I think if Monica and Chandler were one person, it would be her. She's super organized but still really funny and energetic. Also, that dress...goodness...detachable bow train. Thank you for making that dream come true. SO AWESOME! 
  • Jim is a favorite groom of mine. Not everyone in the world gets my sense of humor but this guy got it and I so enjoyed just being myself. Making people laugh is always one of my favorite things to do. He made the right choice in Leah, I think they will be making each other laugh for all of time. 
  • The homestead resort is beautiful! The staff was incredible and so kind. I think a great staff is a huge part of what makes a venue awesome to work at and cannot say enough good things about everything here! 
  • Although there were a lot of beautiful details, moments and fun times, I think my last point will be about family. This was such a beautiful day for that. Everyone was so kind and just so incredibly happy for them. They've been together for a while and although Ryan and I were practically strangers when we got married, I think it's awesome to have that kind of history. They all really understand love and that it's not only for the beautiful, happy days but for the tough ones too. I just couldn't be happier for everyone! 

Here's some fun behind the scenes shots of me being super pregnant and Ryan dragging me back out of the sand. Walking in sand at 38 weeks is tough!