Spencer & Esther // Sundance Studios Wedding Photographer


So here's a first perhaps, writing a blog about people I've never met! However, I find it interesting to get to know people through the photos having not experienced the wedding first hand. 

When Esther booked, I told her I would be super pregnant at that time and there's no way I could pull a double wedding weekend so we offered up a solid package with just Ryan. Since then, he has been shooting solo a lot as I've been recovering from the c-section so it's been a new experience just seeing his beautiful work and not being a part of creating it. I know my opinion is not without bias, but gosh darnit, I think he is just the best and I'm always so impressed by that man! 

Now, I think a good test of wedding photography would be to convey who people are, or the best of them. Since I have never met any of these people, I think that goal was easily achieved. The happiness is so real and the laid back spirit of the day and joy between families is so apparent. 

Here's a few fun things you can spot in the images below! 
- Esther's dad was an animator for Animaniacs! That show was my FAVORITE when I was a kid. He even drew Esther and Spencer in that style and it is SO AWESOME. 

- Sundance studios is just downright adorable with all it's variety and bright colors and just oozes a happy vibe. I seriously hope we book another wedding there because I would LOVE to shoot here. When Ryan got back and showed me the images of the venue I was so jealous! 

- Esther and that bold, dark red lipstick. Goodness it's stunning! Well, Esther is stunning to begin with but man, what an awesome choice. I don't think we've ever shot anyone who has done a bold lip before and I LOVE IT. 

- Doughnuts may be a new thing happening at weddings and I sure hope so. Ryan brought one back for me and it was so good. There's no better gift for a pregnant woman than a surprise doughnut! 

I so wish I could have been there but I'm thrilled with what Ryan did. It was such a joy to edit this wedding as well, I feel like I almost know them already and everything was so beautifully done, it made my job a breeze!


Venue: Sundance Studios | Benton Harbor, MI
Videographer: Robert Banez & Kevin Shih
Wedding Coordinators & Florists: Lavendar Thyme Events
Catering: White Horse Farm Catering
Photobooth: 77 VW Photo Booth Bus
DJ: Lake Effect DJs