Jesse & Hannah // Rustic Grace Estate Wedding


When I first saw her in her wedding dress, I blurted out “Hannah! You look like a real woman!" as I remembered dancing with a little girl at her brother's wedding 11 years ago! For the record, I don’t dance really… at all. We didn’t even having dancing at our own wedding, we had video games and card games! There was just something I loved about Hannah though. She was a super cute 9 year old that just loved everyone. There’s some people in your life you’d do anything to make smile and even if dancing was embarrassing for me, it made her laugh and I loved that laugh!

I’ve always loved everyone in the Buren family. Hannah’s big brother Steve is my best friend and the one guy I can be my true self around. Hannah’s dad is a super human that everyone looks up to, including me. The other Buren girls are all amazing in their own way too. So yeah, you could say this was a special wedding for me. It was filled with a lot of super emotional and heartfelt moments that I will always remember. It kind of reminded me why I do weddings. I got to feel what they feel and I get the added bonus of providing them images that will bring back those feelings years from now. 

Now that I have revealed I'm a big softy pants (if you didn’t know that already), weddings are just amazing. The best of people come out and walls come down. People are allowed to reflect on all the things they love about someone cumulated over so many years of putting effort into that single relationship. There’s just no other event like it. I’m so thankful to be a part of Hannah and Jesse’s day. I’m so happy she found such a solid Godly man that is so loved by his amazing family and friends and we are so excited for you guys!!