Grace // 10 Months Old


Grace is becoming such a cool little person! It's so hard to comprehend that she is the same baby that we had just 3 months ago. Ever since we sleep trained life has been incredible. She is a sassy pants for sure but she's so happy, curious, fully of energy and so much fun. 

The biggest change recently is being able to make her laugh a lot. Making her laugh is my favorite thing in life currently. I also love seeing Ryan so happy. She's at this awesome stage in life where there really isn't anything bad happening to weigh things down so we are just soaking as much of this in as we can. 

There's lots of of fun GIF animations in here which I really like since this girl is all about moving around constantly :) 

  • She loves Avocados and we are doing big bites now! 
  • We are trying LOTS of new food with her which is both scary and exciting. 
  • She is trying to walk so bad. Once she figured out how to balance, I'm certain she is going to take off running! 
  • She is not going to be a quiet kid. I'm both excited and terrified of this. 
  • She's been laying her head on our shoulders when we pick her up. She only does it for a moment though so I'm pretty sure it's a hug which is crazy! 
  • She has 3.5 teeth! Her two bottom ones are already in and one of her front teeth has popped out with the other one not long behind. 
  • She repeats us now! Oh man this is also one of my most favorite things. I am teaching her lots of monster noises. 
  • She finally looks like me! I found a baby photo of me around this age and its crazy! She has Ryan's square head but her actual face looks just like me as a kid which is really cool and weird for me since I've been so sure she wasn't my child this whole time.