Brittney & Nick // South Bend Wedding Photographer

Here are 3 things I loved about this wedding: 

1. Brittney exudes joy. Seriously, there is no other way to describe this girls smile other than the word JOY. She is down to earth, so kind and happy. Those are all the things I love most about brides and humans in general. Nick is this strong, sort of silent type that I think speaks with his eyes and his eyes were on her most of the time which as we all know, its my favorite thing about grooms. 

2. Her dad is one of my favorites this year. When they first saw each other they both burst into tears and realized they couldn't be around each other while getting ready for the sake of her makeup. The amount of pride this man has in his daughter made me choke up several times. He also loves Nick which is such a big deal. Having a good relationship between men makes families so much stronger I think. 

3. Country weddings in general. I love down to earth country people. I think theres a wonderful sense of community and this attitude of always doing for your neighbor that makes life so much better. They just seemed to "get it" as far as understanding the huge significance of getting married. 


- I'm pretty sure Brittney is princess Leia which is pretty cool. 
- Brittney's family built that incredible brick house!
- Nick has a bunch of HUGE friends, it's best not to mess with him.
- Brittney and her parents survived a horrific bee attack!