Sammie & Gabe // Muskegon State Park Beach Photography

Every year we give away a session during Mini Session season and the Gruss Family were the winners. Instead of using it themselves they wanted to hang onto it and give it away to someone else when they found the right people which I thought was super nice! 

I think at LEAST 90% of the people we shoot have this dynamic where the girl is outgoing and loud and laughs like a champ and the guy is just more quiet and low key. Maybe that is just a common way people are but I think I'm saying the same thing in every blog post, haha. Regardless, I'll say it again! Sammie had such an excellent laugh! It took like...almost no effort to get her laughing and she was just so excited and ready for this shoot. I swear if we told her to roll down one of the hills and it would be a great picture, she'd grab gabe and be like " LET'S DO THIS!!!!!" hahah and you all know I love that kind of enthusiasm! :)