Rob & Bri // Martha Clara Vineyard Wedding Photographer

This is a story about making it work, rain or shine! (literally and figuratively) 

We've had plenty of rainy weddings, but this was the first where it did not stop for even 15 minutes all day long. We also had all our flights delayed and canceled while trying to make it to New York during a hurricane. But Rob and Bri are amazing human beings and we were bound and determined to do great work no matter how much weird juju was being thrown our way. 

That is the thing about wedding photography...and marriage too actually! You walk into different situations with every event and have to make it work no matter what. Everyone had a good attitude towards the rain, we all had a lot of fun and I think the photos are so beautiful! Happy people trump bad weather every time! 

Rob and Bri are awesome and we've been super excited about their wedding for a long time now. They were having it at the Martha Clara Vineyard in Riverhead NY and that venue would make anyone drool. Even in the rain, it's a beautiful place! 

Bri is my favorite kind of person: sassy, outgoing, super kind and has the most awesome and unique look. Seriously her style makes me want to chop all my hair off and feel alive again. Basically, I love her! Rob is the perfect guy and groom because he adores her. You all know how much of a sucker I am for men who adore their ladies. They have fun together and being able to be such great friends is a huge deal in marriage. 

We had such a great time and loved taking on the challenge of the weather! Screw you weather, we don't need your sunshine to do great things! 

Their last name, Hotte, which is pronounced "hottie", how about that for marrying into an awesome name?! (...says the girl whose last name is now Gauper haha)