Pete contacted us in late June about taking pictures of his proposal he was planning for mid August. Ryan was already booked for that date so I said I would do it since it was far enough out from having Grace so I figured I'd be up and moving by then! 

While waiting out on the pier, trying to act like I was just admiring the view, I looked down to see bugs crawling all over me! So I kept getting up to shake them all off but figured sitting looked less suspicious so I kept getting covered by them again! 

Once they passed me and he proposed, we did an engagement session on the walk back to the cottage and oh my goodness, I just love how everything turned out! When they got back to the cottage, all their family and friends were waiting there to congratulate them and the moms were VERY excited haha! I met them before going out to the pier and they were all just so nice and completely jazzed about the engagement. 

Oh, and their puppy munch was also super pumped about her parents getting married. So pumped that she kept falling asleep hahah!