Najat & Paul // Radisson Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer


So I suppose I will start this by saying we just love working with Najat and Paul. They are such kind people and both have a great sense of humor. We clicked with them right away and are super jazzed to have been a part of their wedding. When we first met with them at Starbucks last year, I'm pretty sure we sat there and talked for like 3 or 4 hours haha and the same when  they came out to our house to do the wedding schedule. They are super fun and we are so happy to have met them! They even got Grace a little cat outfit! 

They had their reception at the Radisson and it feels like half our weddings this year have been there! We are always happy to be back since it's such a beautiful place. Finding unique ways to shoot dresses at the same place has become a mission of mine and I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. :) 

I went outside to scout to see if we would get a sunset that night and came running back in to Ryan saying CLOUDS! CLOUDSS! Giving no other context haha. I'm so happy we went out for that because it's so beautiful!

My last comment shall be on her ring. Oh my stars. Paul, good job. Everyone applaud the insane quality of that diamond. I get real close to a lot of diamonds and this one is incredible!