Kara // Kalamazoo Senior Photographer

We have been shooting mostly weddings and families but Kara emailed us asking if we would do her senior photos. She was actually at one of our weddings when she was little (which makes me feel VERY old, thanks a lot haha). I am so glad she knew of our work because she is simply a delight. I guess I'm out of touch with what teenagers are really like since I typically only see all the crazy stuff on the internet but thank goodness there are sweet girls like this out in the real world. 

She educated us on color guard which is pretty impressive and takes a whole lot of skill and coordination I have certainly never had, she LOVES fall like a crazy person and giggles on command. Yeah, we think she is great. (I, too, love fall like a crazo. I'm even more crazy about Christmas. It's crazy all the time at the Gauper household. hah)