Kaitlynn & Justin // Lovett Hall Wedding Photographer


Kaitlynn is one of those people you meet that when you walk away, you say to each other “Oh my word, she was so nice!” Nothing makes me feel more calm than organization and my goodness, this girl is organized. It seemed to bring her just as much joy as it brings me…which is a LOT.

Her joy for her family and friends happiness says a lot about her as well. Maybe we are just lucky, maybe our work just brings in the same kind of person but I love how so many of the weddings we shoot are not just about the couple. It isn’t this “my day” kind of vibe. It’s about everyone. It’s this beautiful cycle of everyone making each other happier and happier.

Justin reminds me of Ryan. Supportive, kind, patient and her ultimate supporter. During the ceremony they were talking about how when camping, she really just wanted a hotel and I thought to myself, oh my goodness, it’s us! hahah I like viewing nature but don’t so much love it ON me.

The Henry Ford museum is such a cool place to shoot and Lovett hall is just a stunning building! We always love the gems that Detroit has to offer.

As always, it was a pleasure being part of such a beautiful day and although this blog is HUGE, it took a lot of harsh cuts to get it down to this hahaa Enjoy!

Oh and if you want to check out their amazing Ann Arbor engagement session, you can see that here: http://www.gauperphoto.com/blog/kaitlynn-justin-ann-arbor-engagement-photographer