DREW & HAYLEY // Kellog Manor Wedding Photographer

I think the word magical describes this wedding the best. Between all the beautiful flowers, Hayley's amazing dress, one of our favorite venues and amazing weather, this was a dream! 

Hayley is one of my new favorite people ever. I absolutely loved her excitement and sense of humor. When I looked back on all the images, she just has such a great joyful presence that really shines through. Obviously, she is super beautiful when you look at her with your eyeballs but I think she is one of those people where you can feel they are a beautiful person, if that makes any sense. haha Drew is the more quiet one of the two and we see that a lot in our wedding clients. haha I think there always needs to be a talker and a listener to make things work the best. Ryan would probably agree with that, haha! I think it works because your always heard and always feel cared for and on the flip side, the more quiet person is never bored :) It's always such an awesome thing to shoot couples like this though because of the way Drew looks at her and I suppose that says it all. :) 

Their families were so incredibly lovely as well. We felt so welcomed by everyone and in general, it was the perfect amount of people. It wasn't a super small wedding but wasn't huge so it felt like one big family instead of one big crowd. 

It was seriously an honor to be a part of this and be able to create some crazy beautiful images with everyone. Also, just to be able to experience days like this where love is at it's best is just the best thing ever!

I'm just gonna say it, her twirling shots are in my top 3! I was literally jumping around with show and squealing like an idiot over them when it was happening. hahaha 


I prefer to talk about how great everyone else is since really capturing who they are and the event is what we are doing here so I don't like to toot our own horn here all that much but Hayley's review she left for us just said everything I ever want our clients to feel like so I thought it was worth sharing. :) 

"These guys! They're really special. Their attention to us and what we wanted from the very beginning was outstanding. We met via Facetime well in advance of the wedding, which put us both at ease because we knew exactly what we were getting. We had an hour long conversation about the day, so they could get a feel for who we were.

A little about them: Holly is magic. She is bubbly and so funny. Her sense of humor keeps things that might otherwise be stressful lighthearted and fun. She's also totally on top of things. She'll make sure your hair is right and that you look gorgeous in every shot. Ryan is quieter, which is really great for the genuinely intimate shots. You don't feel like he's breathing down your neck and you can really be yourself and feel the emotion without feeling embarrassed. He also has a really dry sense of humor, and made both of us chuckle a lot. They make a wonderful team. On the big day, the Gaupers will make sure you're on time for everything. They won't keep you in one place too long, and if it's not working, they'll move somewhere else! They work well spontaneously, and will use the surroundings to make the pics even better. In some of the most beauteous shots, we're actually really tiny and nature is the hero! I love that. They're also great with group shots—bossy enough to get people in line quickly, but nice enough to make everyone feel comfortable.

And oh man, the photos are just EPIC. I mean, everyone I have shown them to says they are the best real wedding photos they have EVER seen. Lots of people have said that it looks like a magazine shoot, or something from Vogue! They're spectacular. And we couldn't ask for more than that! I would highly recommend the Gaupers as wedding photographers together at your wedding. They're great people with amazing talent and such a wonderful service. THANKS GAUPERS from the bottom of our hearts!"