Haeleigh & Evan // Holland Wedding Photographer

What do the Gauper's do for New Years Eve every year? We work! Some people don't like working on NYE since they never get to go do fun things but we view it a bit different. We get to go to a fun party with happy people, eat candy and cake and take awesome pictures of the whole thing. If we weren't shooting a wedding on NYE, we'd probably be at home already asleep so this is WAY MORE FUN! 

Haeleigh and Evan are the nicest people. I don't know how we keep getting so lucky to work with such laid back, kind hearted people but I'll just put it out in the universe to keep them coming! It's not just about having great clients, it's about their friends and family too because lovely people are often surrounded by more lovely people which is really what makes the day have this awesome energy to it. 

Someone posted in a photography group asking what inspires everyone and it only took me a second to say that it's good people that inspire me. Being able to be comfortable with who you are, let go and have fun is just everything. New things happen when you are working as a team. We have all the technical knowledge and can put creativity into things but the real magic comes when people bring who they are into the pictures. Oh and speaking of magic, haeleigh and that fluffy ruffle dress of hers, MAGGICCCCC!!

This was such an awesome day and we are so honored to have been a part of it!