Grace // 8 Months

We are usually so busy working on other people's memories that we never take the time to give our own family the the quality work we give everyone else. That ends now! 

We rented a studio in Grand Rapids, got Grace her first pretty dress and she had her first proper GAUPERphoto session! It's hard to believe she is ours a lot of the time. When she goes to bed at night I wonder if she even exists when the house is so quiet and life feels similar to how it did before she was born. It's so weird. Then in the morning, with her cutest good morning smile, I'm reminded that it's real for today and how lucky we are that we've all made it this far. 

She just started crawling this past week so that has made life interesting. This girl has been trying to run away from us since the day she was born. She's always been so strong and her legs have been anxiously waiting for her coordination to catch up with their strength. 

She's a little chunky butt with an endless appetite and her normal look is in jammies being covered in food and puke (as seen below). So I figured it was only right to start with who she really is before I got into this super girly stuff of dresses, pink, frillies and bows. Being extra cute is fun for the day but jammies and being gross piggies is our favorite way to live! hahaha

We had so much fun just playing with her for a couple hours, capturing her personality that has started to emerge. Her crooked smile, he dorky laugh, chubby thighs and insane amount of pride she has when she crawls is pretty much the best thing in life. 

Grace did SO GREAT at the shoot but on the way home, the prunes she had for lunch made their great escape with her biggest blowout of her life. Ryan also ran out of wipes in the process. She makes life such an adventure! 

So when we got home she HAD to have a bath since that was new levels of nasty and then the night ended with our typical routine of standing at the tree, taking off the little lady ornament and being the cutest thing ever. We will be keeping our tree up all year round I'm pretty sure because tree time before bed is my favorite part of the day!