DeAnna & Zach // Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer

They said it was going to be a hot summer and boy were they right! However, that all played well in DeAnna's favor since she is apparently ALWAYS cold. So I suppose if everyone else is melting, she is at her perfect temperature so perhaps this 200 degree day was a gift :) 

While pondering on what to say here, I remembered what I told Ryan on the drive home from this wedding and it's that the world needs more people like her. She cares for everyone else around her and has this incredible sense of joy. I don't even know if it's something she tries to do, I think it's just who she is. I know that sometimes I have to choose joy every day and make an effort to seek out the best in life. With her, I think joy chooses her and what an incredible gift that is. And gosh, Zach, he's in for a wonderful life to be loved and supported by that kind of person. They go so well together and it was such an awesome experience to be present in them becoming family.

As always, we hope you enjoy the images as much as we do and just a huge thank you for having us be part of this incredible day. I'd like to say we were all sweating out happiness. That sounds more glamorous than regular sweat. :)