Brody // Fuller Family Newborn

Brody-FullerNewborn001 I love when past wedding clients have babies. It's and incredible thing to be a part of 2 really important events in their life. What's even more interesting is to see how they have changed and settled into married life together. Because of a new baby, there is still a sense of newness but it's great to see their family grow from just the two of them to three.

You might remember Kelli and Jeremy's wedding from a couple years ago. If not, you can check out those images here >> Kelli & Jeremy's South Haven Wedding

Little Brody is so tiny and laid back. He was surprisingly awake for most of the session which is uncommon but we welcomed open eyes wondering what all these crazy new blobs were. There's a lot going on so I guess he just didn't want to miss out on anything! He was 3 weeks EARLY so maybe that has something to do with it. The fact that he could have still been in the womb for 3 more weeks blows my mind.


Jeremy built this bench that is in Brody's room and I love that we were able to get such great shots on it. It overlooks the lake that they live on and it's the most peaceful spot. This is why I really love shooting inside people's homes. This stuff is personal to them and and it's things he will grow up with. I know for me, that has more value than locations or backgrounds and props that just look good and don't really mean anything to me.

Brody-FullerNewborn023Brody-FullerNewborn024Brody-FullerNewborn025Brody-FullerNewborn026Brody-FullerNewborn027Oh my


Oh my stars...he looks so tiny here! I love doing crib shots because they grow so quickly and it's a great way for parents to reference back to when they were this little.


Let's talk about the reality of the first week of having a newborn. Everyone is tired...all the time. Everyone was really on board when I brought up this idea and I'm almost certain they all actually fell asleep while I was shooting these photos.


His nursery is huge so it doubles as a guest bedroom and I bet you'd never guess that these guys love the water :)


After we were done, they put him back in his happy place. I can't blame him, these little seats look so comfy, I wish  had one in my size. This was probably the most exhausting day of his life since the effort he put in to be born so he deserves a nice long nap. Actually, everyone deserved a nap :) I hope you all love the photos!


Oh, and I thought I would include this because it's funny. Ryan will probably sigh at me when he sees it hahaha but SOMEONE has to show examples of poses and Ryan just does such a great job. :)