Brian & Melissa // Kalamazoo Nature Center Wedding

Remember when it was hot out? Michigan is having some weirdly warm days recently but without any warning, it's 20 degrees again. However, back in September the sun was here and I believed winter would never come. 

Unfortunately, what comes with the magic of summer are bugs. We had time, the light was beautiful and the bridesmaids hair and dresses were so awesome I wanted to do individual portraits but while shooting them, a wasp got stuck in the neckline of my dress and stung the daylights out of me. Within a moment, those sweet girls I just met ran over, unzipped the back of my dress to make sure the wasp wasn't still in there and got me a ziplock bag of ice to help with the pain. 

So I had this hunchback look going on with a plastic bag full of ice shoved in my dress the rest of the day. Thank goodness for that since as long as it was cold and numb, it didn't hurt. I tell ya, weddings are just a non stop adventure! 

The Kalamazoo Nature Center is so beautiful, the property is lovely, the barn was adorable and all the details Melissa put into this wedding were just so pretty. I am all about this glam/vintage/rustic business!