BJ & Allie // Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer

Cover This job keeps me afloat sometimes. If you follow me on Facebook, it's no secret that we've had a few rough years but it was all finally coming together this summer. We figured out all of the health issues for the most part, finally decided to move back to Michigan for good so I could be close to my family and the first house we went to go look at was our dream house. It was a short sale and it fell through. It came back on the market sooner than anyone anticipated so we jumped on it again. We were 3 days from closing when we got the news that they discovered half of the house was sitting on the wrong lot.

This wedding was the day after we found that out. The next wedding I'll be posting was the day I got the email saying everything fell through, they killed the deal and took the house off the market. There's no way to really explain how bad that hurt losing that place. It wasn't just a house, it was everything I imagined for my life. I'm home most of the time so where I live in a large part of my world. Saturday's were the only thing I looked forward to at that point.

I bring this story up because people have a great power over us, even people we don't know. Weddings give us the great opportunity to connect to people easily. This family and their friends were so happy and so kind that I was overwhelmed all day long. The weather turned out awesome and Allie's mom did an incredible job on all the details and was just the sweetest woman. I was in the midst of their joy and it's impossible not to be happy alongside them. Smiling and laughing all day with truly wonderful people does wonders on someone feeling broken inside. Being a beautiful person on the inside matters so much in ways you may never realize. It impacts people around you that you don't even really know.

I'm so grateful to have been there to witness an amazing couple and their families and friends all joining in to celebrate them. It was such an excellent reminder of what's important in life. As much as my heart is still broken over the idea of my life that I built up for that beautiful home, it's family and being married to someone that you adore that is important. Those things are so much greater and this wedding was a wonderful reminder of that for me.


I don't remember what was going on here, but I enjoy pretty much everything about these expressions, haha!


Let's take a moment to pause and applaud Allie's mom, Kathy, for the amazing job on all these details. Everything was perfect for a backyard wedding and it's amazing she goto t all done in just a few months. Not to mention, she is a joy of a human. From the first phone call with her about the wedding I knew it would be great since she was so nice and spunky. :)


These heaters were a brilliant idea. All of the women (including me) swarmed to them for warmth like moths to a flame. This woman in particular was lovely to chat with and was smart enough to bring leggings. I was very jealous!


What a perfect way to end the night. Michigan is so great sometimes. :)