BASH to the future // The Cheney Place

This years BASH was Back to the future themed! It was all things 80's and super colorful! The days before flat irons existed, crimpers ruled the world and vests of all varieties puffy and jean were EVERYTHING. 

This year, they had a lip sync portion of the night which was brilliant and hilarious. All of those photos are at the bottom so be sure to make it all the way to the end :) Ben, Mindy and their team always do such an excellent job on this party every year and we can't wait to see what they do next year! 

As for me, my favorite part of BASH are the cake pops from The Cakabakery. No matter what theme they do, there's always cake pops and my stars, they are incredible! 

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VENUE: The Cheney Place:

DESSERTS: The Cakabakery:

BAR: Bars By Butch:


Photo Booth:

Also, this was our little Grace's first party! I suspect she did not enjoy this crazy tight dress as she was stabbing me most of the evening but It's sorta hard to find 80's stuff that can accommodate the roundness happening in my life lately. :) My usual giant sweatpants and t-shirts that we have become used to made this a shock to both of us I think as I haven't been dressed up in many months haha Luckily I had this bright and stretchy wonder in the back of my closet! You just never know when you need a stretchy neon dress. :)