South Haven Engagement Photos

Jana & Cody // South Haven Engagement Photographer

WHOA. Seriously...this session, these people, that sunset. It's all so whoa-worthy. 

This was filled with all of my favorite things. A super happy little family with a kid full of character and energy, beautiful weather, an incredible sunset, a couple who truly love and enjoy each other and a general laid back, up for anything spirit. I was literally jumping around because I couldn't contain my excitement from how awesome I knew these pictures would be. 

There's just such beauty in not overthinking things and just enjoying being with someone. It's really about not worrying about us and if you look good in the pictures, we will always worry about that. Your part is just to do your best to make your person happy and that is really what makes photos meaningful and what makes people beautiful. I know it sounds so cheesy, but loving someone changes them. It makes their posture better, their smile bigger, their eyes brighter, their laugh full of energy and gives them courage to let go and have fun. 

So that is the lesson we should all learn from this session. Let go, stop worrying and just love the person you are with and we will take care of the rest. 

Part of me wanted to post it backwards since the sunset stuff is so great but then this kid is so cute so it was such a hard choice. It's a long post, but the end is worth it! 

I am so beyond excited for their wedding next year!