the brick wedding photographer

Tiffany & Adam // The Brick Wedding Photographer // South Bend Wedding photographer

So many exciting things for me on this one! First off, I really love the brick. Their bathroom is awesome, the loft area with the cool spotlights is awesome, their sign is awesome, the garage door in there is amazing for bringing in great light and it’s all around super cool.

They didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony so ALL the bride and groom photos were done at night. It’s unusual but really exciting for us because night shooting can be a lot of fun if you are in the right place. I just get super jazzed about working with weird light and colored lights! It was SO COLD out and they were such good sports walking through the snow and choosing to be happy rather than realizing they were slowly freezing to death haha

Their rings were also super cool and unique which I love. She designed her ring as this flower and his has the forest on it which is a really cool. I used some trickery with my lights to make it look like the northern lights in the forest on his which I’m prreeettttyyyy happy about haha

Adam was actually a groomsmen at a wedding we did earlier this year where it was 1,000 degrees so this was a complete opposite experience! You can see that wedding here:

Some weird burning things happened in this wedding as well. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you’ll find the outtakes/funnies section where a bridesmaid had her curling iron explode on her and burn her arm and then when my hair almost caught on fire during the sparkler exit. There’s always something funny and dangerous happening at weddings and they make for great stories!

Oh also, doesn’t Tiffany look like Winnie Cooper from the wonder years? I couldn’t place how I knew her for like half the day then it just hit me and now I can’t stop seeing it.



There was this BIG pop and and sparks and the bridesmaid using the curling iron was burned by it! Once we realized she didn’t die from being electrocuted I think we all decided it was funny hahaha


Maybe it’s karma for laughing earlier because a guest practically set me on fire during the sparkler exit! Luckily another guest and Jason got it out of my hair before it caught me on fire. This has always been one of my fears and when I go out there I always yell at the guests and tell them NOT to set me on fire. There was so much going on because everyone was so cold that I don’t think I said it this time and SEE WHAT HAPPENS! hahaa